Hello World

Oct 25th 2019 by Mattes Wieben

Hello World!

This will be the very first blog entry that I'll ever have written. I'm pretty excited about this and I hope you'll like what your going to read. Today will just be a small introductory post, in which I'm going to introduce myself and the outline of this blog.

For the next couple of months, I won't be able to promise a fixed blogging schedule but starting in the first months of 2020 I'll become a freelancing developer and I plan on dedicating a lot of time to this blog. And some other very cool things ... So staying in touch will be worth it :)

Who am I?

Just a couple of sentences about me so that you know, who's writing all this stuff.

  • I'm called Mats

  • I'm from the very north of Germany (to anyone not living in Germany, yes there is still some Germany above Hamburg)

  • I love writing Software

  • Other than that I like Basketball, Football, Magic the Gathering and Warhammer

Nobody cares

Alright, alright. Onto to the more interesting stuff and why you might actually be interested in keeping up with my writings...

About me as a developer: I started writing Code about 10 years ago. Somehow, computers got into me and I was curious on how to make them work as I want them to.

The first step I took was a C YouTube-Tutorial. Let's call the success mediocre. About a year later I started studying computer science and learning Java and web development. Simultaneously, I started working in big company where I learned some hands-on coding in real world software-systems.

Since then, I got to know various companies, lots of technologies to build software with and the most different approaches to realizing software-projects.

If you asked me for my favourite tech-stack, the answer would probably

  • React with Gatsby

  • Node.js / Java

  • MonogoDB / PostgreSQL

  • Docker and Kubernetes for deployment bigger systems

  • Google Cloud Functions / AWS Lambdas / Heroku for smaller systems


If you think that this sounds like a wide spread tech-stack, you're right... My biggest weakness is that I get hyped about new technology very fast. For every new project, that I start, I spent lots of hours googling for the best technologies and try to get into them.

Learning stuff you like is just so much fun.

This leads me to the next point ...

What is this Blog going to be about?

Firstly, as I stated a couple of sentences ago, I'm always searching for new technology to dig into. And writing down, what I learned, helps me a lot. Now, I decided to brush up on these notes and publish them as Coding Tutorials.

Secondly, I try to read a lot of books. Mostly about coding (obviously) but also about personal development and entrepreneurship. Whenever there is a book, that really stands out to me, I HAVE to talk about it. From now on, I'll also be writing about it in the form of Book Summaries / Reviews.

Lastly, I want to get my thoughts about trends in the tech world out. Whenever I read something about new technologies, frameworks or anything alike that I consider worth some research, you'll find an abstract about my research here.

And I nearly forgot the X. Anything that you want content about or that I find write-worthy might find its way into my blog, even though it's not on the mentioned list.

I'll add story 🦹 🦸‍♂️

Writing code professionally and on my free time, playing cards, painting miniatures that all sounds pretty nerdy 🤓. If you think so, thanks, I take that as a compliment. But I can add onto that. I like super heroes. A lot.

Furthermore, I don't really appreciate those tutorials, that are just about the topic they're teaching and nothing else. That's just a dry field.

Boring Bart

Those two facts lead me to the thought that adding a story to tutorials might be fun. The applications we're going to build in the tutorials will be

  • a Super Hero Management System

  • a Ticket System for managing their tasks

  • and a lot more

Please let me know whether you like that or not. If it's annoying or nobody likes it, tell me right away and I might pivot my writing style.

Big Plans

It has been mentioned before that I plan on creating many things next to this blog. Mainly, I'm thinking about:

  • YouTube-Tutorials

  • Giving talks on conferences

  • Creating Online Courses

  • Writing eBooks on more complex topics

The attentive reader might have noticed the words "thinking about". Since this content will be for your learning experience and - hopefully - pleasure, I want to get you involved in the selection and kind of content I'm about to produce as much as possible.

You can write a comment down below or, if this page isn't built too crappy, you'll also be able to find an email address and a contact form. If don't want the millions of other readers...

As if

damn auto-correct ... the *two* other readers to see what you wrote, go ahead and write me a private message. I'll appreciate that and you'll get an answer!

See you soon 👋

That's it for today. In case anyone read this, much ❤ to you. I don't expect too many people finding this place as of now. But this will change. I once saw a T-Shirt saying something like: This Shirt is read by more people than your blog. I'll take this bet and prove this T-Shirt wrong!

To stay up to date, please consider signing up for my newsletter. I won't spam! I'll just let you know, when a new article is out. Promise! (So many promises today ... But you can quote me on those).

Until next time, I hope you have a great time, be kind to anyone you meet (also online) and have fun writing code :)

P.S.: It makes me kind of proud on how short this post turned out to be. Actually, I'm really bad at managing to keep things short.

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